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Saddle for ASHLA classes Empty Saddle for ASHLA classes

Post  mel4 on Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:36 am

Hi, is there any one on here that competes in the ASHLA classes at stock horse shows. I am hopefully one day going to compete in ASHLA classes and am wanting to know what type of saddle do I look for? What brand, make are the best? I am not wanting to spend a great deal and would be most likely looking for a second hand one. Also does anyone show their ASHs English style? I havnt seen many people that have but I am wanting to show at Ag shows as well as ASH shows and I want to be competitive in both. Or does anyone compete their ASHs at Ag shows in the stock horse gear? I have competed at Ag shows locally for many years but I am new to the ASH showing so any advice would be great.
Cheers Melissa

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Saddle for ASHLA classes Empty Re: Saddle for ASHLA classes

Post  SBMN on Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:04 am

I've competed in both types of attire.

For ASHLA you need Aussie gear. Stock saddle. Either moleskins or jodhpurs allowed, however no jackets. You must wear a green V neck jumper. Has to be snaffle bit. Its judged on both horse and rider- confo, temperament, turnout and rider ability. You'll be expected to do W/T/C/hand gallop, haunch turns/roll backs etc, simple change and a fly, halt, and its possible (depending on the show) there will be time time trial equipment chucked in there (weaving through 'trees' etc). At a proper stock horse show its marked using a sheet, sort of like dressage. Usually at ag shows its more of a standard hack class though.

Im not really sure what your question was regarding the english attire? For a hack class you can certainly use a dressage/turnout saddle, english bridle etc. If its a ASH hack class still use a ASH saddle blanket. No plaiting required- just neat presentation. Mane hogged. You can wear an aussie hat or helmet, either is fine (unless you're a junior- approved helmets only). Jacket, jods etc. Wearing jods in a stock saddle is also acceptable.

If its a standard hack class at an ag show I would be turned out how you would for any other breed- no stock horse gear. If its a breed class, go with aussie saddle blankets etc.


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Saddle for ASHLA classes Empty Re: Saddle for ASHLA classes

Post  Best Guest on Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:12 am

To be competitive in ASHLA you need top of the range gear- so a second hand saddle (if you can even find one in turnout condition) is still going to set you back $2500+. Turnout is a big part of ASHLA and everything needs to match and fit well, you cannot cut corners

You can show your ASH in English style (eg dressage saddle and plaited) but it will go against you under some judges who prefer the ASH to have hogged manes and longer tails

No, you cannot really show in open hack classes in your stock horse gear (stock saddle and ring head bridle) and no; a hogged mane is not acceptable in the open ring.

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Saddle for ASHLA classes Empty Re: Saddle for ASHLA classes

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