Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!!

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Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!! Empty Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!!

Post  Trigganna on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:33 am

I am hoping to get my gelding to a show shortly, however have only ever shown open and very minimal at that!

So am after any and all tips you have!

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Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!! Empty Re: Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!!

Post  SBMN on Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:49 am

Hi Trigganna

What classes are you doing? I can give you some general tips but some more info would help.

This is generally what I do to prep:

- Give him a tidy up with the clippers a week before, including fetlocks, ears (dont have to be fully clipped out) and trim tail. Clip out any white socks he has. Obviously hog his mane.

- Wash the day before and rug. Make sure all gear is clean, matching and as much gear as possible is packed ready to go.

- The morning of the show clean up any dirty bits thats happened over night. Give a good brush over and spray with shine spray, use a clean rag or woollen mit to rub in. Chalk white legs if there are any. Black hooves. Apply baby oil to legs (not on the white chalk obviously) muzzle and ears.

Couple of tips for the ring (not sure how much you know already)
- Always stand facing the judge. When the judge moves around looking at your horse, move with him/her.
- Always wear a hat in the ring.
- For a led class, practice standing square at home, and on the day dont fuss with him too much. Having the forelegs in line is more important than the hind, and if thats all you can get then leave it. You can use a dressage whip at home to help teach him, tap his leg to move it back in line. My guy has also learnt that clicking fingers means back- that helps too, especially in the ring
- I like a big foward walk, and im always surprised at how many just dawdle along, let him walk.
- Dont be afraid to use as much of the area as you can (applies for both led and ridden classes).
- Dont talk to the other competitors in the line up.
- If the judge asks for something you/your horse isnt up to yet, just let him/her know and they are usually quite obliging. For example if you are asked for a fly, and can only do simple changes just let them know, and do a simple change instead. Most likely wont win you a class, but it looks much nicer and tidier than trying a fly and messing it up.
- Find out if any official patterns are going to be used for the workouts, and learn them. Usually at ag shows they're not used.
- Working classes must be in Aussie attire.

Thats all i can think of for now Laughing Hope this helps a little


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Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!! Empty Re: Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!!

Post  Best Guest on Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:52 am

Personally I would never use baby oil on any part of the horse as it attracts dust like crazy, and it burns their face on a sunny day. I use Nonots spray for the entire horse, except for the area where a saddle goes as it makes it slippery.
I dont spray any oil based porducts on the body as it atracts dust and usually leaves streaks. I still use the Nonots and spray it onto a mitt and apply that way

I use a small amount of clear face makeup (Ultra) to the muzzle and wipe it off immediately after the class if there is a bit of a break as it is easier to reapply than to burn the horse muzzle by leaving it on in the sun

I hog and trim the face with small clippers the day before, other wise I get enough regrowth to make it look scruffy. Socks and legs I trim a week or several days before. Ears I clip out fully about every 4 weeks, but this is personal prefernce and depends on the horses hair growth rate

I dont touch the tail with clippers, I leave it natural but I square the bottom off

The best advice is to leave home super early and make sure tha tyou have plenty of time without rushing. If your horse is nto used to being in strange arenas allow time to work him down before the show starts and take all your washing geat to clean him up after wards if he sweats a lot. Take a clean work saddle cloth so it doesnt sweat up your show one

Make a check list and tick off everything as you pack it.

And remember to breathe in the ring and smile at the judge without lookng like you are a circus clown (Smile)

Confirm what a judge wants and dont be afraid to say that you dont quite follow what they are asking for as you are new to this.

If you have the ASH pattern book then look at workouts and practice some of them at home as most judges will require you to perform a pattern from the book, but they will give you time to learn it

Good luck and enjoy your day out Smile

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Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!! Empty Re: Any and ALL showing tips welcomed!!!

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